GREEN COAT Advanced Coating Technologies (Founded by GREEN COAT) was founded in 1950, and is now located at the Bay of Haifa. The factory's 4,500 square meter working space, includes automatic production lines, warehouses, an analytical laboratory, quality control rooms, an office block and a highly advanced sewage purification device. In the production lines certain procedures for the coating of metals take place, such as: electrolyzed zinc, electroless nickel, alodine, acidic tin, passivations and silver



A Range of Clientele

The expectation rate in our cooperation is of the highest standard due to our well-known clients, dealing mostly in exporting, such as: The Military Industries, Rafaels, Elbit, Elscint, Scitex, Tadiran, Telrad, Gilat, Orckit, Elta, Elisra, and many other large firms


Regulation Procedure

The regulation procedure is carried out an analytical lab and control rooms by skilled, professional quality controllers who make use of highly advanced equipment, including Highly advanced X-ray apparatus for measuring the level of thickness of the coating layer
Salt cell - for carrying out the ASTM-B-117 corrosion resistance tests
Spectrophotometer for analyzing the chemical composition of various solutions
An experienced, highly qualified staff guarantees high quality, reliability, and fast, efficient service
The coating methods adhere to all internal specifications and regulations, meeting the requirements of international coating metals and plastics standard
GREEN COAT Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 2004:14001 certified by the Standards Institute of Israel

In 2018, the company merged with Algat.

Since 1976, Algat has been the leading Israeli provider of finishing processes for aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and titanium alloys for the aviation, automotive, space, printing, medical, electronic and hi-tech industries. All of the Algat processes are so designed and accomplished as to meet the stringent quality requirements dictated by aircraft, car and hi-tech manufacturers both locally and overseas. It was the superior finishing and supplementary process capabilities offered by Algat which gained it world recognition as a leader. 

Our Quality Management System

Our quality management system and processes are so designed as to meet all requirements as specified by the space, aviation and hi-tech industries and by any applicable standard.

Process Certifications

We has been accredited by such local and overseas aviation companies as:

Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Hamilton Sundstrand, Parker, Honeywell, Sikorsky, Liebher, Pratt & Whitney, IAI Divisions, Rafael, Elbit Divisions, Cyclone, El-Op


Algat - Green Coat is the Israeli leader in finishing services for aviation parts and a recognized, exclusive and certified supplier of most world leading aircraft manufacturers. Qualified by NADCAP to run coating and NDT processes and holder of an exclusive certification by Parker, Boeing, Hamilton, Honeywell and Sikorsky, Algat offers its customers a broad variety of surface treatments which include coating and painting under requirements and standards as practiced and required in the world of aviation.


Algat - Green Coat has been certified to run all coating and painting processes as required by the space industries under the highest, most stringent quality standards typical of this field. Our customers include Israel Aerospace Industry, Elbit and others.


Algat - Green Coat has been certified by all of the Israeli defense manufacturers and is the Israeli leader in finishing processes for the local defense industry, with own technologists participating in most of the Israeli defense projects over the past 37 years. Our customers include RAFAEL, Elbit, Israel Military Industries and others.


Algat - Green Coat is an Israeli leader in coatings for automotive parts of local manufacture, relying on own high-capacity automatic coating and painting lines which have gained the company world recognition as a leading car manufacturers supplier.


Where human lives are at stake, the quality of finishing processes applied to medical instruments and tools is of utmost importance. Algat provides a total response to all stringent and specific requirements governing the medical equipment industry, to also cover such instruments as employed in invasive surgical procedures.


Algat - Green Coat is a leader in finishing processes for the Israeli hi-tech industries. We offer our customers extensive experience and thereby a comprehensive service which includes a variety of coating, painting, fastener insertion, assembly and printing processes, which total response relies on our strict adherence to formal, unwavering procedures as well as on our high professionalism and uncompromising quality.